Monday, January 19, 2009

A Good Day

Just a quick post today. I was taking a little power nap today and I dreamt of Emma. I have never really had dreams of her, even in the beginning. I would fall asleep thinking of her, but no real concrete dreams.
Today as I slept I saw her lying next to me. Her olive skin so soft and smooth. I touched it and it was warm. I smelled her sweet smell and I saw her eyes looking up at the ceiling fan...moving left and right. I have no idea if this means anything. Some adoptive moms say they just know the day their children were born, this dream told me nothing of that. It did, however, leave an indelible image in my mind, a feeling of a simple touch and smell and an incredible memory that will last me many months ahead.


Andrea said...

You are having dreams too! Definitely has to be a sign. For some reason, the "nesting bug" has hit here. I tried to email you, but it came back for some reason. Here is my I will try to send you another one, but if it doesn't get through, know I am not ignoring you!

Catherine said...

What a beautiful, precious dream to have!! A gift to you as you dreamt of your precious baby girl! Looking forward to the day when you share your dream come true with us!!!

Brent and Lori said...

oh, sweet friend! I so know this feeling. I didn't dream about them before our met our little ones, but I have dreams involving searching for Jessica and Nathan and trying to hunt through a maze to try to get to them and every time I turn around there's another door I have to go through and I can't get to them... you know what I mean.

You're not alone. This will all be worth it someday - for all of us!