Friday, April 25, 2008

And we're off

Disneyland checklist

  1. Packing 3 people...check
  2. All errands ran... check
  3. Paperwork in order... check
  4. Dog care arrangement... check
  5. Ready for 7 days with 6 children under the age of 10... no way!!!

I'll report the details later...wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Don't know why I chose that title...probably because I'm in this wierd giggly everythings funny type of mood. I really wish the weather would stop being so whishy washy. It's spring already, I know we live in a desert but I don't care I want warm weather. It snowed yesterday. It's not like it's February or March, it's April already we can stop with the winter weather.

By the time it warms up enough for me to go out and tend to the flowers it'll be July!! I found a sketch of my dream home today. I know it is the house I have always dreamed about. Someday when we are filthy rich it might happen but not until then.

My youngest sister started a blog, but as of yet she has only made one post. I think maybe she doesn't think it is cool because no one has visited her blog yet; only family. If you feel like it click on her blog in my sidebar. The Rigby's #4 sister.

I'm getting anxious to leave this weather and we are taking a trip in a couple of weeks down to good ole' mousetown to see the main mouse himself.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Once again it is Sunday. Today was so great for me. I had many things to think and ponder about. It comes to me again what a miracle life is. We all have choices to make and live as we live and time goes by. I am a firm believer in attitude. I believe you can be in the lowest of circumstances and be as happy and free as any rich and/or prosperous people. It's how you look upon your life and what you place importance on.

I feel that I have been very blessed in my life. I have wonderful parents who reared me to be thankful for many things. Life is difficult at some points, but if we remember how wonderful life really is we can be happy in any circumstance.

I feel blessed to be able to adopt a child, especially one from such a wonderful culture. I know that the wait is hard (we all know that)...but I hear that once your child is placed in your arms the long feelings of the wait just disappear. I hope that we can all be as positive as we can while we wait for our precious children to be placed in our arms. I am dreaming of that day and I will hold on for that day.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Why do I have such a writer's block?

This task of writing in a blog seems to be a lot more difficult than I thought after the long break I took from blogging. Now my two youngest sisters have blogs and they are much funnier than I am. I will direct you to theirs if you are looking for a good laugh. My sister Karen has 3 kids which keep her very much entertained. Although sometimes I get several calls a day from her telling me of the fun "adventures" that have created an absurd amount of cleaning for her now to do. I guess I'm not much help because I only live maybe 5 miles from her but I don't volunteer to come help. Sorry K.

I'm frustrated as I'm sure everyone else is about this darned wait. Recently I saw the rumor queen state that they were placing through Jan. 10, 2006. A whopping 4 days! It seems like forever before we will get to my date of August 11,2006. Good Glory!!