Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Touching the bucket...

Tomorrow......03/10/2010.....my DOD (dear ole dad) will be having bypass graft surgery, or for you medical people a CABG and balloon angioplasty. SCARY...I know. He is young still, but I have known this day was coming since I can remember.

MAJOR family history of heart disease. My great-grandpa died young of heart disease, my grandpa died at age 47 of heart disease, my dad still alive and kicking at 62 years old, but having the dread surgery tomorrow. Me...so far so good. My siblings... no signs yet.

Just thought I'd mention it, not to be crass or calloused but it's finally happening, and if you know me or my dad would you say a prayer or two for him?

He's a stubborn, older guy...but we love him.

UPDATE**Dad came out of surgery A-OK. His surgery took only 4 1/2 hours instead of the full 6 we were told. His surgeon said everything went smooth and we should expect a full and complete recovery. Thanks for all the support you have given.