Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1460 days...35,040 hours...50,457,600 minutes since...

So it has finally arrived...the dreaded or anticipated 4 year LID mark.
Our dossier arrived in China 48 months ago or you can reference the ginormous number listed in the title.
What now?
The answer is the same as it has always been for us...wait because answers will come. Never mind the rip-our hearts out opportunity we had to actually bring a baby home.
Heavenly Father has led us down this path for a REASON and a PURPOSE that only HE knows. For our learning and our good...eventually...we will know WHY. But for now I trust and wait...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Strong Seven

So it was our seventh wedding anniversary on Saturday 08/07. I can't believe it has gone by so fast! Scott and I have had many highs and certainly a few lows during the past seven years. Looking back now...I can truly say our love has grown by leaps and bounds and not necessarily all in the romance area.
Scott, I love you more than this world...more than fancy houses, fine jewelry, fast cars.
I love you now with a deep and profound trust. I now can't picture my life without you.
I know when I fall you will be there to catch me.
I know you would protect me from all harm and danger.
You are one half of me now...
I can't imagine breathing without you here beside me.
It is amazing to me that in all of this world I have found my love story!
I'll love you for all Eternity!!