Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not a happy update

Just so you all are not waiting on pins and needless, for some reason our referral did not come with our agencies batch this month.  They are not sure what has happened.  We were questioned in the review room, but sent back documentation to the agency within 3 days using Fed Ex Express.  They think that maybe this didn't get back to the CCAA during the time our group was in the referral room and may have been pushed back. 

Anyway, they are looking into this and I just pray and hope it will be quickly taken care of.  I feel like a balloon that has flown high in the air and then someone let go.  All the air came out and the balloon quickly deflated and fell to the earth. 

Deflation=not a good feeling.  : (

Thursday, January 19, 2012


We are in. We are in. We are in.  I love letting those sweet words roll off my tongue.  I can not stop saying them.  They day I found out from the agency that we are in, you could not wipe that smile off my face, and later that night my jaw was achy from the perma grin.

I can't express with words the feeling of overwhelming happiness and joy this brings to my heart,  my life, my marriage and my family.  I will finally get to be a mommy.

No pictures yet, but when they come I will make sure to show them off!!!