Friday, January 22, 2010

When life stands still...

I know a wonderful person who has been in a very long journey to get her children from Hati. Now this tragedy and she was not even aware if her children were alive or where they could be found. It really breaks my heart. Please pray for the orphanage children that were affected by this horrible earthquake. I can't imagine going through this with my child.

On another note, today I was reminded of how much we should treasure our lives...the good and the bad. I worked with a new patient who has much more life to live, and yet is so very very ill. We hope that the drugs used in this particular trial will extend the life of this person to at least 6 months to have some time with the family and we are praying that maybe, just maybe the drug will help to shrink some or all of the growing cancerous lesions.

Please thank God for your beautiful lives and live each moment to the fullest.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No time for potty breaks

Just thought I would jot something down here in the blog. I am so busy now, I don't have time to take a potty break at work. Holy Cow. I'm even traveling out of state in a few weeks (for the job). I love it, but it is not e-a-s-y

Friday, January 15, 2010

Back to the Future

I think it was a mix of being overwhelmed, being tired and a bit of nothing to say that has kept me from posting for a while. I read your blogs while I was on hiatus and as usual was entertained, so thanks for that.

I have had to make myself numb over the past year in dealing with the adoption. I just couldn't think about it or dwell on it anymore. I don't think we were mistaken when Heavenly Father let us know that our little girl was halfway across the world, and since I know that...I wait.

So moving on, 2009 was kind of a tough year for us, but we have high hopes for 2010. Since I need more than to just sit around at home waiting for the kidlet to come home...I have found myself a new job. It happened suddenly, but I felt it was the right fit. It is exactly where I want to be, in Oncology research helping people on clinical trials receive the best treatment regimens that are available. I love this area of work. Most of the patients I deal with have angel hearts and I learn much more from them than I could ever give back.

Anywho, just an update from our camp. We are hopeful, happy and excited to see our LID getting closer. I hope you all are well and happy too!