Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa...Why didn't you deliver?

Just found out that I don't get to see my baby's face this Christmas....we missed the cut off by 1 day.

I know that makes us for sure in the next batch, but I was really kind of hoping that the this most wonderful gift would be delivered this Christmas.


Catherine said...

Oh friend! How my heart is hurting for you. Huge, HUGE (((((HUGS))))) for you!!!

I know right now this won't really help but please know that soon it will get better. Like you I missed by 1 day and was heartbroken. Yours is made even harder as it's over Christmas. I remember this hurt and it was awful!'re next. NEXT!!!! There are no more years or months before your referral, just a few short weeks....even DAYS!!! Now you can begin the preparations in earnest. It was after I was missed by only 1 day that the showers began, I truly let myself celebrate the fact that Hannah was ohsoclose!

At the time it was hard but then as soon as the phone call came and Deborah said, 'Congratulations! You're a MOM!' I knew that it was all ok!

That will be your call soon and you'll know the very moment you hear about your little one and look into their eyes in those precious pictures that truly that extra bit of wait...and really all of the wait was worth it!

Getting my dancing shoes ready to celebrate with you next month!!!

more ((((Hugs)))) to get you through this week and Christmas and then.....celebration!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa~~ said...

So sorry Susie, I know how it feels as we too missed the cut-off by one day and I was so sad but I then had one of the easiest months because I knew that we were next. You are only one month away from your perfect little girl and I can't wait to see your referral and then to see your family complete. Big hugs to you my friend and remember, you ARE next!!

Brooke said...

Love you sweet girl!

Polar Bear said...

I'm so sorry, Susie. I know all too well the feeling you are experiencing. We also missed the cut off by one day. It is so very frustrating after the excruciating long wait you've already endured.

For me, once I got over the tears and frustration it was tolerable. Almost a relief. We now knew that we were next. No matter what we would see that sweet face next month. It gave me a peace that I so needed after the long wait. We used the the last few weeks to complete some home projects. I decided it was like being nine months pregnant, but without all of the bloating, sleepless nights, and all of the other things women talk about when they're pregnant. :o)

I am so excited for you!! I can't wait for your dream to finally come true.

Merry Christmas my friend!

Lisa and Tate said...

So sorry Susie! I missed by one day too... So hard but you will be guaranteed NEXT!

Andrea said...

I have no comment to make it easier, but take comfort that you are next, and at the rate they are coming in, you only have a few weeks to wait!

Mia's Mommy said...

Grieve the disappointment. It's normal. But like the others who experienced the "missed by one day" have said... you're next. That should offer some relief and some peace. No more of the unknown. It's about to happen. And soon!!!!

I am so so so so so excited for you!!!

Catherine said...


Catherine said...


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